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Here is the latest sonogram –  taken this morning.  He is growing right along schedule and has a good strong heartbeat.  He is quite the active little boy already and is starting to develop a sleep/awake pattern already.  Everything else with the pregnancy is progressing well – except for the jumpy restless leg issues I have at night! So I am getting the training already for those middle of the night feedings!  🙂  We have decided on a name, well at least we are 99% sure.  I guess if I were to put small print at the end of this entry, it would read “subject to change”. 

Our summer is off to a roaring start.  This week I have to finish up the wedding stuff for my brother’s wedding.  I am almost done with that, WHEW!  My sister is flying in today from Canada and will visit here for a day or two then head out to  my parents house. And… sometime between now and Saturday morning I need to hem J’s pants for the wedding (he is the ring bearer),  make a dress for myself and possibly a dress for MM.  Lots to do and the time is flying by!