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Giveaway postponed.

Today I was going to announce my new giveaway (a day late, but ‘oh well).  I have decided to postpone the giveaway until further notice. 

In my lunchtime reading on Blogland I ran across this.  I immediately started crying.  I am definitely a sappy person.  I cry at the movies and don’t care who sees.  I also cry when I watch movies that I have seen a hundred times before.   I am not sure if it is all that is going around with the economy, our country and our everyday lives, but today I was especially touched!  My heart is very heavy today.  As you know I am getting ready for a baby shower on Saturday for my daughter.  With all the happiness and joy that brings – there is a woman, that has just had her first child and in a few days – must bury that child. 

I can only imagine her pain and I can only say “words cannot say”.  I hope that through her family, friends and others (like me) that she has not met – she finds the strength she needs to get through this difficult time.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you!