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First day…

…of wearing cloth diapers…..well, we are trying several to see what we like and don’t like about them.  So far so good!  the three we are trying today are:

bumGenius 3.0


Happy Heinys One size


and Kushies.


The Kushies is the only one that is not a one-size, but this particular one is made for babies that are 10-22 lbs.  I had always planned on using disposables for a little while….I want to make my own cloth and wanted to make sure Bug was a certain size so I could make one-size diapers that didn’t swallow him! 

So far I like them and he seems to be comfortable in them too!  Over the next day or two I plan to gather my likes and dislikes and devise a plan.  I have purchased several patterns and also have a few free ones that I have found online.  Between the pros and cons of all of these I should be able to devise a diaper that will work for us.  My deadline is Friday!  There.  I have said it!  Looks like my old (well, actually new) friend will be making an appearance this Saturday to help….I love a good sewing machine.  She will be joining my old standby serger and between the three of us – we will be diaper warriors!

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Letting go…

As many of you know we are expecting.  Due in a few weeks , I am getting the nursery ready.  What a task.  In order for this to happen I have to let go of my sewing room/office.  Not really that big of a deal – it is well worth the sacrifice!  Several years ago I transferred the contents of this particular room of mine into a room that is 11’ by 12’ – from a 14’ by 16’!  At the time I thought this was painful.  It was also for a good cause.  J was getting older and needed a bigger room for him and all that goes along with being a boy.  So I painted and painted and moved him from the nursery into a big boy room.

Now we need the nursery back.  I now have to (and have been trying) to go through that 11’ by 12’ room and pare down to fit in a small corner of another room.  So good so far.  It is actually nice to be able to purge things and move forward.  We have something much better to fill the room! 

Needless to say…I am listing my trusted friend on Etsy today.  I bought her when I was going through a really rough time in my life and she helped me get through it!  She has bee a good and reliable friend and has brought me much sanity!  I have more than one machine now and since I am paring down…..she must go!  I am sure she will bring another stitcher great joy.  Maybe even a new seamstress just learning all the possibilities that can come from such a trusted machine!  The listing can be found here.  Please help find her a good home!  I will miss her dearly!

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My new best friend –

or… at lease best purchase.

This is, by far, the best iron I have ever owned!!!

Even though it does have an automatic shutoff, it is really just a ‘Classic’. Very comfortable, nice and heavy, but not too heavy. No retractable cord and I have not once had a problem filling it!

Ahhh! The little things in life…so simple, so much happiness!