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Time Goes So Fast….

IMG_9511 IMG_9500 IMG_9505

Our Bug turned 5 months old yesterday! 

In the last two months:

learned the difference between day and night

gets through the night (most of the time) with one feeding

laughs so hard he gets the hiccups

smiles all the time

goes through at least three shirts and 6 bibs a day – drool drool drool

is eating homemade barley and rice cereal

loves his toes

loves his brother

loves his sisters

stares relentlessly at Bean

rolls over

has found the back of his head and when frustrated reaches for it and pulls his hair

loves his bath and massage

loves music

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First day…

…of wearing cloth diapers…..well, we are trying several to see what we like and don’t like about them.  So far so good!  the three we are trying today are:

bumGenius 3.0


Happy Heinys One size


and Kushies.


The Kushies is the only one that is not a one-size, but this particular one is made for babies that are 10-22 lbs.  I had always planned on using disposables for a little while….I want to make my own cloth and wanted to make sure Bug was a certain size so I could make one-size diapers that didn’t swallow him! 

So far I like them and he seems to be comfortable in them too!  Over the next day or two I plan to gather my likes and dislikes and devise a plan.  I have purchased several patterns and also have a few free ones that I have found online.  Between the pros and cons of all of these I should be able to devise a diaper that will work for us.  My deadline is Friday!  There.  I have said it!  Looks like my old (well, actually new) friend will be making an appearance this Saturday to help….I love a good sewing machine.  She will be joining my old standby serger and between the three of us – we will be diaper warriors!

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Three months…

A lot can happen in three months.  In our household we have had lots of adjustments!  Good adjustments for the most part.  Bug is three months old today!  In that time the weather outside has changed from warm to cold, we have seen sun and snow and had a lot of firsts. 

tes changing table DSCF1961 

First there was Homecoming, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  How about that?  A White Christmas for Bug’s first one!  And we can’t forget a first New Year’s – which he slept right through!  IMG_8285

And in between all of that he has managed to learn to smile, laugh, coo, gurgle and blow bubbles!  He loves is bath and watches J play.  He loves to stand and smiles when sung to.  Loves to read books with Mama and even helps her cook dinner in the evenings – with the help of the baby wrap.  It is actually his favorite place – happens everyday at 5pm sharp!

IMG_9257 IMG_9288

He likes to sit with Dad and J to watch old cartoons.  Loves to sleep on his tummy, but gets frustrated during tummy time!  Most of all he loves to just hang out and soak everything in!

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What is 46 1/2″?




at 36 weeks!  How crazy is that!?

Things are going well with the pregnancy.  I have been having contractions now for about 2 1/2 weeks – just not productive ones…..  Since my last entry about being preggers, I have only gained 1/2 pound, but almost 3 inches.  How does that work?  I am not complaining though with 27 pounds total gain there will be less to lose after the baby arrives.  That is always a good thing!

We are working hard on the nursery – Goodbye sewing room 🙁  Mister has patched the walls and we are painting this weekend.  I changed my mind on the fabric for the room at the last minute so I have some sewing to do, but all in good time.  The mattress have been ordered, the cribs are here and we are sure to be done by Monday.  Here is the fabric I have chosen and the quilt I will be making…

 AnimalParty-Boy-bundle-450 nursery quilt

So since my last entry I have had plenty of time to be off my feet and relax – Mister makes sure of that!  I have had some crafting going on and have plenty of items to add to the shop.  I will be getting to all of that in the next couple of weeks, providing the new wee one cooperates.  I did manage to finish 4 embroidery storyboards.  The patterns were by Aimee Ray.   I have done them in two shades of green and will be stretching them over canvas.  They turned out really cute.  Pictures soon to follow.  I am now turning to diapers!  I have received all the necessary supplies – so next week I will start sewing them up.  I have decided to try the cloth route for several reasons and will update about the decision as time moves on.  I am hoping this will be a good decision all around!

We have had a lot going on…J started school and is doing really well.  He loves his teacher (always a plus) and is adjusting well to the new schedule.  Z is growing like a weed and is almost standing on her own. She hates to sit still!  and as always, Mister is busy working and taking care of all of us!

Take care until next time!

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31 Weeks – getting closer!

 8-11-09 8-11-09-2 IMG_6190

Well here we are!    All is well!  The little bug is doing great!  We had visits to both doctors this week and he is on the right track.  The weight gain for him is good – he is 3 lbs, 10 oz.  and growing by the minute.  I am not minding the weight gain as much – I only added 5 lbs. this last month!  YAY!  Less to lose afterwards!   We started having contractions a few days ago – nothing regular and nothing that they are worried about.  The specialist said as long as I can get to 34 weeks we will be in good shape.  That is only 3 weeks away, but he should be a good weight by then.  The ultimate time  for him would be 36, of course…so….that is what we are shooting for!

J is enjoying his summer off.  He has one more week for summer schedule then it is back to the old school schedule!  He starts in two weeks!  Where has this summer gone!?!?!?  MM is at the beach this week with one of her friends.  Had a little ER trip.  She fell on the beach and thought she popped her elbow out.  After a 6 hour emergency room visit – no dislocation, a sling and some Motrin will do.  She is feeling better today – just a little sun burnt though!

Z is getting big!  4 1/2 months now….sitting, pulling herself up to a standing position.  She wants to go so bad! 

 IMG_6119 IMG_6120


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28 weeks (almost)

7-14-09 cropped

He is our latest pictures of the latest addition.  He is doing well.  We had another visit to the specialist yesterday and the doctor is quite happy.  He weighs two and a half pounds and is quite active.  He head is down (although he is still small enough to  turn again) and his feet are above his head.  If you look at the bottom scan, that little round thing next to his chin is his knee and his foot is on the top of his head.  He seems to be quite limber and the doctor seems to think he will be a big baby.  Or at least big for me!  He expects him to gain about a half a pound per week until delivery.  He is estimating about 7.5 to 8.5 pounds.  Pretty good size – almost 2 (or more) pounds bigger than J or MM.

J went with me and he was able to see his little brother move around.  The doctor explained the amniotic fluid, the ‘yolk’, and the umbilical cord to him and showed him all the little parts – liver, heart, eyes, nose, head, arms and legs.   He is quite excited to be a big brother!  

On another note…..with not much time left to go, I am starting to work on the nursery.  In order to have a nursery for the new bundle I am losing my sewing room/office.  Quite worth it, just a lot of things to weed through.   Then the painting and the sewing.  The crib……all that good baby stuff. 

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Here is the latest sonogram –  taken this morning.  He is growing right along schedule and has a good strong heartbeat.  He is quite the active little boy already and is starting to develop a sleep/awake pattern already.  Everything else with the pregnancy is progressing well – except for the jumpy restless leg issues I have at night! So I am getting the training already for those middle of the night feedings!  🙂  We have decided on a name, well at least we are 99% sure.  I guess if I were to put small print at the end of this entry, it would read “subject to change”. 

Our summer is off to a roaring start.  This week I have to finish up the wedding stuff for my brother’s wedding.  I am almost done with that, WHEW!  My sister is flying in today from Canada and will visit here for a day or two then head out to  my parents house. And… sometime between now and Saturday morning I need to hem J’s pants for the wedding (he is the ring bearer),  make a dress for myself and possibly a dress for MM.  Lots to do and the time is flying by!