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What is 46 1/2″?




at 36 weeks!  How crazy is that!?

Things are going well with the pregnancy.  I have been having contractions now for about 2 1/2 weeks – just not productive ones…..  Since my last entry about being preggers, I have only gained 1/2 pound, but almost 3 inches.  How does that work?  I am not complaining though with 27 pounds total gain there will be less to lose after the baby arrives.  That is always a good thing!

We are working hard on the nursery – Goodbye sewing room 🙁  Mister has patched the walls and we are painting this weekend.  I changed my mind on the fabric for the room at the last minute so I have some sewing to do, but all in good time.  The mattress have been ordered, the cribs are here and we are sure to be done by Monday.  Here is the fabric I have chosen and the quilt I will be making…

 AnimalParty-Boy-bundle-450 nursery quilt

So since my last entry I have had plenty of time to be off my feet and relax – Mister makes sure of that!  I have had some crafting going on and have plenty of items to add to the shop.  I will be getting to all of that in the next couple of weeks, providing the new wee one cooperates.  I did manage to finish 4 embroidery storyboards.  The patterns were by Aimee Ray.   I have done them in two shades of green and will be stretching them over canvas.  They turned out really cute.  Pictures soon to follow.  I am now turning to diapers!  I have received all the necessary supplies – so next week I will start sewing them up.  I have decided to try the cloth route for several reasons and will update about the decision as time moves on.  I am hoping this will be a good decision all around!

We have had a lot going on…J started school and is doing really well.  He loves his teacher (always a plus) and is adjusting well to the new schedule.  Z is growing like a weed and is almost standing on her own. She hates to sit still!  and as always, Mister is busy working and taking care of all of us!

Take care until next time!

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I’ve been featured!

On Zakka Life.  I am under the Facebook Fan Fridays!  Each week she has a new feature fan!  What a great idea!

zakka life

  I love Jessica’s blog.  She always has great tutorials and recipes along with the comings and goings of her life.  Check it out!  I am sure you won’t be disappointed!  She has a cute little mushroom button too! 

Thanks Jessica!

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Letting go…

As many of you know we are expecting.  Due in a few weeks , I am getting the nursery ready.  What a task.  In order for this to happen I have to let go of my sewing room/office.  Not really that big of a deal – it is well worth the sacrifice!  Several years ago I transferred the contents of this particular room of mine into a room that is 11’ by 12’ – from a 14’ by 16’!  At the time I thought this was painful.  It was also for a good cause.  J was getting older and needed a bigger room for him and all that goes along with being a boy.  So I painted and painted and moved him from the nursery into a big boy room.

Now we need the nursery back.  I now have to (and have been trying) to go through that 11’ by 12’ room and pare down to fit in a small corner of another room.  So good so far.  It is actually nice to be able to purge things and move forward.  We have something much better to fill the room! 

Needless to say…I am listing my trusted friend on Etsy today.  I bought her when I was going through a really rough time in my life and she helped me get through it!  She has bee a good and reliable friend and has brought me much sanity!  I have more than one machine now and since I am paring down…..she must go!  I am sure she will bring another stitcher great joy.  Maybe even a new seamstress just learning all the possibilities that can come from such a trusted machine!  The listing can be found here.  Please help find her a good home!  I will miss her dearly!