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I’m still here!

Extremely busy with all the preparation for Christmas.  Every year we host a Christmas Eve Open House.  The invitations have been sent, the food and drink have been planned, and the Christmas shopping is done.  I still have a few items to do (they involve the sewing machine), but it wouldn’t be Christmas without those few last minute ideas……

Put together a few things tonight.  One of them being the Chocolate Cobbler that I read about on Lolly’s blog.  This recipe is the BOMB!!!!!!  It is so so easy!  AND so so good.  This is definitely on the list for the party and might be in some Christmas presents…..Shhhhh.  Can’t say for sure!  Please go check out her site.  She does some wonderful things!

I have been taking some pictures – have not downloaded off the camera.  I need to have a 36 hour day!  I think that is what I am going to ask Santa for.  That way I can still get all the sleep i need (I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleep) and still have all the time to do my other stuff.  You know all that crafty, sewing, cooking, playing goodness that comes with life!

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow)….I already have a kink in the plan for tomorrow – kids are on a 2 hour delay because of the cold temperatures!