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23 Weeks

Well…it has been a while since I last posted.  We have done lots!  J won his first Majors Championship!  We are so proud of him.  They are the 2009 Champs! He caught a fly in right field and threw it all the way to home plate, dove to catch another out and had a great hit to get on base. The game was a neck and neck nail biter the last 2 innings, but they pulled it off! Go Giants!

We had a long camping weekend.  Really nice weather the whole weekend.  Mister played horseshoes with the ‘neighbors’, we spruced up camp, I hung up my lights and we had some good food and relaxation.  Can’t wait to go back!

MM is working on her jewelry making abilities.  She has made two necklaces and two pair of earrings.   Getting better each time she does something new.

ZB is reaching for her toes – I think she things they are good for teething!  She babbles and babbles and is trying so hard to crawl.  Typical little girl – doesn’t want to sit still.  She is ready to go!

And here we are at 23 weeks. 

PICT1571 PICT1582

I have officially popped!  Hard to believe I have only gained 17 pounds.  I had the nurse double check the chart on my visit this week – just to make sure!! We tried the progesterone therapy….UGH!  No Good!  I had some kind of allergic reaction to it so that has stopped.  We are just taking it a day at a time.  The  doc says that if labor starts there are a few different things we can do to stop it, but  I think it will be ok this time.  I am now at the point where I was with J when I went into labor the first time.  Everything is doing well, no signs at all.  Mister has enlisted MM and J to make sure when he is not around that I take it easy and get plenty of rest and ‘off my feet’ time.  I don’t even carry groceries anymore!  LOL  He is so very good to me!  I love you Mister!  Miss you terribly!