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Aprons! Aprons! Aprons!

This morning I was doing some reading…..and I happend across a new blog. I love aprons!!!! And I have just joined an apron swap! Lucy is hosting a swap that last all year long! The whole year of 2008!!! It looks so fun. I am already starting to sketch and plan!

Four seasonal aprons….The first one needs to look like Spring. What a great idea! Just about the time winter starts to really kick in here – I will be thinking about Spring. All the new flowers, colors, and life beginning. I’m thinking maybe a little embroidery and some buttons. My mind is racing!

So that is my exciting news for the day……I have felted my bag and picked out the lining. With the help of some friends at work. I am hoping to get that done this weekend. I have some research for work to do as well as some cleaning……..Joy to me! I am still thinking of my resolutions for this year….not really sure if I want to write them down. Don’s want to ‘jinx’ anything. LOL. I still like the idea of one per month. Maybe some smaller more realistic goals will be more satisfying.

Off for now……thinking of taking a nap! woo hoo!