Since I can remember, I have been creating. My Mother taught me to embroider at four and sew at seven. She was always doing something – she never sits still! She made most of my clothes when I was young - sitting at her sewing machine until all hours of the night after working all day. My Great Aunt Mattie Lee taught me to knit, all about flowers and the importance of passing things on. My Pop Pop taught me about   gardening, farming, hard work and the importance of not being wasteful.  My Aunt Diana (also extremely creative) showed me how to be silly and my Aunt Debi was like the big sister I never had and tutored me in the fine skill of how to 'properly pinch cheeks'!   They all ignited a spark that eventually led me to be who I am today!

I do all sorts of crafty goodness, but my work focus is all about embroidery, sewing and needlework.

When I’m not in my studio at one of my machines, I am always consumed with another project. A new DIY project, renovations, gardening, tending to our ducks, chickens and rabbits, cooking, canning or baking. There is always something to do in my little niche!